The Transformative Power of Climbing Trees

Have you ever wanted to learn to climb trees? Perhaps you’re an aspiring or practicing biologist whose next step is up? Or maybe you’re just fascinated by the idea of exploring the Eighth Continent—among the treetops? No matter why you’re fascinated by tree climbing, the TREE Foundation

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Discovering the Canopy – Colombia 2019

meg on canopy walkway

The canopy of the tropical rain forest is one of the most biodiverse, and threatened, ecosystems on the planet. But we can’t save what we don’t know. The difficulty of climbing into the forest canopy is the #1 factor limiting our ability to learn about, and conserve,

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Taiwan Tree Project

Meet our TREE Foundation scholar-student, Sky Lan, who is finishing her PhD in canopy science at Oregon State University. She has partnered with CanopyMeg‘s colleagues, Jen Sanger and Steve Pearce, who are Down Under colleagues working as part of the Malaysia biodiversity team. This video shows their

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