Bring CanopyMeg into your classroom!

CanopyMeg virtual classroom talks are free, with the only request being that students conduct a fundraiser to help her in her mission to save global forests and educate kids in other countries about trees.

Each virtual classroom presentation is approximately 45 minutes. For roughly 30 minutes, Meg (sometimes with TREE Foundation friends and partners) talks and shares images to educate schoolchildren about the importance and wonder of trees, shares her amazing experiences as an “arbornaut” working high in the treetops of what she calls the Eighth Continent, and inspires young people to take action to protect forests.

Fundraising has the added benefit of exciting the children and helping them to learn more either in advance of CanopyMeg’s presentation, or after.  Ideas for fundraising are endless: anything from a penny drive, a book sale, bake sales, a contest — click here for a fun example of how students created greeting cards to raise funds!

Ready to Zoom with CanopyMeg?  Follow the link below to go directly to her website to fill out an online request.