Rebecca Tripp’s testimonial, with photos, about choosing and participating in the REU Canopy summer research program:

Growing up on the rugged coast of Maine, with mountains, fields, forests and wildlife around every turn, I developed a deep love of nature at a very young age, and a strong desire to preserve it as I grew to understand the innumerable and increasingly devastating threats it faces. Having earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology several years ago, this extraordinary research project at Baker University in Kansas has afforded me the opportunity to not only climb trees again, but has also been instrumental in my acquisition of the hands-on professional experience I need in order to change course, pursue further education and, ultimately, obtain a rewarding and meaningful career in the field of conservation. The spinal cord injury I sustained nearly six years ago may have left my body broken, but my spirit and my resolve are as strong as ever, and this project has proven to be an exciting and empowering way to begin this new adventure.
– Rebecca Tripp, REU NSF summer research Canopies and Tardigrades