The canopy of the tropical rain forest is one of the most biodiverse, and threatened, ecosystems on the planet. But we can’t save what we don’t know. The difficulty of climbing into the forest canopy is the #1 factor limiting our ability to learn about, and conserve, biodiversity in forest canopies.

A group of partners is working to change that. Fundación Alianza Natural and Canopy Watch are offering an international climber training in Colombia in June 2019 to 20 biologists from across Latin America. Participants will learn advanced methods for canopy access by ascending ropes, walking to branch tips, and even crossing between trees in the air. The event is funded through grants and equipment sponsorships, putting this training in the hands of the biologists who live and work in tropical countries.

Learn more by watching these short videos in English and Spanish below.



You can’t save what you don’t know. Buy a tree-shirt and send a biologist to tree climbing school so he or she can learn to climb into the rainforest canopy and do important conservation research.