Water Bear (Tardigrades) image courtesy of National Geographic (photography by Eye of Science, Science Source)

TREE Foundation is proud to have Dr. Water Bear answer your questions about the fascinating world of Water Bears (Tardigrades). (Simply send your question via email to: dr.water.bear@treefoundation.org )

There’s so much to learn and understand about this amazing species of life. Because of the Water Bears’ unique resistance to drought conditions, they are essential for study!

Our five-year NSF-REU project inspired mobility-limited students to train for a career in field biology — and TREE Foundation particularly focused their experience in Water Bear sleuthing and fact-finding. Learn more about this amazing program for mobility-limited students here: Wheelchairs & Tardigrades in the Canopy!

What a joy to see these students reach the sky, literally and figuratively! Students not only learned canopy access methods, they developed expertise on the microscopic methods utilized when studying canopy critters!

Please e-mail your questions to: dr.water.bear@treefoundation.org

Questions along with Dr. Water Bear’s answers will be posted here on the TREE Foundation blog. Below are the latest questions and answers from Dr. Water Bear:

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