Ginger Zee Visits Myakka Canopy Walkway


Meg Lowman met up with ABC News’ Ginger Zee in Sarasota’s gorgeous Myakka River State Park – Sarasota, Florida Canopy Walkway! They talked about how canopy walkways can inspire forest conservation and create a tourism economy. Ginger brought her family with her and along with learning a

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Saving Big Forests to Save Our Big Planet

Virginia Book Festival
"CanopyMeg" -- Dr. Margaret Lowman, Executive Director of the TREE Foundation, will join John W. Reid, co-author of Ever Green, in a FREE virtual discussion on March 16, noon Eastern standard time), during the Virginia Festival of the Book. Meg Lowman John W. Reid Michelle Nijhuis AsRead more

Meg Lowman at Sarasota County’s UPCOMING 16th Annual Sustainable Communities Workshop

Under the theme “Roots of Sustainability,” the virtual conference will bring together residents, students and community members of all ages, sectors, and walks of life to learn about environmental, economic, and social aspects of sustainability. Featured speakers and panelists will discuss the latest sustainability strategies, resources, and

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Meg Lowman’s Virtual Book Launch and Q&A

On August 10,2021 Meg Lowman’s memoir  The Arbornaut: A life discovering the eight continent in the trees above was published. The Sarasota native partnered with Bookstore1Sarasota and Books & Books to launch her book virtually. Through this moderated Q&A, you will learn more about CanopyMeg and why she fell

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Meg Lowman on Australia’s Giant Stinging Tree

On August 10, 2021 Meg Lowman took to Literary Hub to write a story about when she encountered one of the most toxic trees in the world. Here’s a sneak peak into that article: “My first exposure to this gorgeous, fuzzy, and soft-looking leaf came during a

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CanopyMeg Gets a New Look

TREE Foundation executive director Dr. Margaret Lowman, known around the globe as CanopyMeg, is celebrating Earth Day with some exciting news: the development of a beautiful new logo, brand, and completely refreshed look for her personal website, The logo design, branding and website refreshing wouldn’t have

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