TREE Foundation executive director Dr. Margaret Lowman, known around the globe as CanopyMeg, is celebrating Earth Day with some exciting news: the development of a beautiful new logo, brand, and completely refreshed look for her personal website,

Click on the website image to visit Meg’s new website!

The logo design, branding and website refreshing wouldn’t have been possible without the leadership of Meg’s fellow Williams College alum and friend Jim Follett (co-founder, Embracing New Beginnings) — who not only curated the design and vision of the site, but led the team that built it out, and very generously funded the project. The brilliant idea of Meg’s new look has its foundation in a gang of wonderful Williams College classmates of Meg’s — including Deborah Heineman — who were part of a Meg-led expedition to the Amazon a few years ago. The college friends were inspired by their travels and wanted to find ways to support Meg in her mission to save rainforests in critical hotspots around the globe. They all formed a volunteer “kitchen cabinet” to germinate ideas on how best to support the CanopyMeg mission. Brand updating and the new website were just two of the ideas that came out of this amazing “cabinet.”

“Over the years, my personal website has become an important ‘go-to’ site for students, especially girls, to get advice or mentoring,” said Meg. “I’m honored to be able to share my experiences with the world and inspire everyone to Enjoy Nature! My gratitude for Jim’s work in bringing the rebranding efforts to fruition is immense!”

Mr. Follett worked closely with a team of three on the rebranding project: a brand/logo designer from New York — Cynthia DiGiacomo, David Martin (TREE’s longtime website/IT guru), and MC Coolidge (our go-to-gal for writing, social media, and publicity).

We hope you’ll visit the “new” website. Take some time to learn about Meg’s passion projects, her new memoir — The Arbornaut, and the work she does across the globe on behalf of trees!