On August 13, 2021 Meg Lowman spoke with WUSF’s Cathy Carter her new book The Arbornaut: A Life Discovering the Eighth Continent in the Trees Above Us, tree canopy science, and the relationship between deforestation and climate change.

The WUSF 89.7 Public Media segment and article titled From Myakka To Mozambique, Exploring The World’s Treetops With ‘Canopy Meg’ discusses: “A blend of memoir and fieldwork account, “The Arbornaut” chronicles the work of Sarasota-based tree canopy scientist Meg Lowman”.

Read or take a listen to the full interview here!

The Arbornaut is available to order now from Amazon.com,  Barnes & NobleBookshop.org, your local independent bookseller, or anywhere else books are sold.