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Last Chance to Join an Amazon Expedition to the World’s Longest Canopy Walkway

The Amazon expedition to the world’s longest canopy walkway starts on July 24th! The team of citizen scientists will work with DC Randle and CanopyMeg to make new discoveries in the rain forest treetops of Amazonian Peru. It isn’t too late to reserve a spot for this

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Amazon Rainforest Workshop – Summer 2017

Travel as a Citizen Scientist to the Amazon with California Academy of Sciences and Dr. Meg Lowman, Director of Global Initiatives & Senior Scientist in Plant Conservation & Michelle Trautwein, Assistant Curator, Entomology. Dates: July 24 to Aug. 3, 2017 “This is a non-stop workshop full ofRead more

Rebecca’s Amazon Adventure

As our plane began its descent toward Iquitos, Peru, I knew I was in for the adventure of a lifetime. I had been anxiously awaiting this trip – my very first international flight – for the past several months, but nothing could prepare me for what I

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Amazon Rain Forest Expedition – July 2015 – Photo Gallery and Memories

Rebecca Tripp’s memories and photo gallery from the recent Amazon rain forest expedition in Peru, July 2015: I had such an amazing time in Peru! So many thanks to everyone who made this incredible experience possible – the incomparable “real-life Lorax” Dr. Meg Lowman, TREE Foundation, EcoTeach,

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Amazonian Stories: Short Films and Anthropology

The Cofán people of the Ecuadorian Amazon have been heavily affected by oil exploitation and colonization over the last few decades, but have survived and are currently managing 1 million acres of rainforest. Julio Rodríguez, an Ecuadorian Anthropology student, will be making a series of films to

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Research associate, DC Randle, gets honored for his love of science and Amazon project

From The Eagle Grove Eagle: Albert Einstein once said, “The only source of knowledge is experience.” Lawrence “DC” Randle, brother of Rotary Senior Living Administrator Sam Boeke, has echoed that statement since he began his teaching career 30 years ago. He believes that the best way for

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10 Things to Do in the AMAZON!

Untamed Science presents a video of the Top 10 Things to Do in the Amazon. Filmed on a recent trip to the Peruvian Amazon with Dr. “CanopyMeg” Lowman.

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Into The Amazon: What To Do When Attacked By A Poo Bat

Read part three of Laurel C. Allen’s story about her “Amazon adventure” and her search for science. In part three Laurel takes a swim, finds dozens of venomous spiders, and encounters ayahuasca. The article is number three of a four-part series published in Indefinitely Wild. Read the

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Into The Amazon: Boats, Breakfast And Blowguns

Read part two of Laurel C. Allen’s story about her “Amazon adventure” and her search for science. In part two Laurel wakes up to a boat ride, meets a baby sloth and learns to shoot a blowgun. The article is number two of a four-part series published

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Into the Amazon: Sharpening Blowgun Darts On Piranha Teeth

Laurel C. Allen tells the story of her “Amazon adventure” and her search for science. The trip was led by Dr. Meg Lowman. It was Dr. Lowman’s thirty-first trip to the Amazon. The article is number one of a four-part series published in Indefinitely Wild. Read the

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