Rebecca Tripp’s memories and photo gallery from the recent Amazon rain forest expedition in Peru, July 2015:

I had such an amazing time in Peru! So many thanks to everyone who made this incredible experience possible – the incomparable “real-life Lorax” Dr. Meg Lowman, TREE Foundation, EcoTeach, Amazon Explorama Lodges, all of the folks from my home town who generously supported my fundraising efforts, my beautiful sister Melissa Tripp for taking such good care of my girls while I was away, my equally beautiful mother Annette Tripp for getting me to the airport and safely home again, and especially to the people of Peru, who are some of the kindest and hardest working people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. (Please forgive the poor image quality of some of these photos – many were taken in low light, from a moving boat, from great distances, and/or from the aisle seat of an airplane – and I don’t know how to compensate for these factors very well.) Also, I apologize for the vast number of photos. I will undoubtedly continue to delete some, but I wanted to give anyone looking through them a good idea of what I saw. Enjoy nature, enjoy life! ?