Introducing TREE Summer Interns!

TREE Foundation is excited to host two college interns this summer. Kim Rogers and TJ Watkins are working remotely to support TREE in its mission promoting tree research, education and exploration and to spearhead new projects. Kim and TJ are sponsored by generous Williams College grants that

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In the Canopy with Wheelchairs and Tardigrades

National Science Foundation Research Opportunity 3D Invertebrate Herbivory and Biodiversity in Deciduous North American Forest Canopies: Inspiring Students with Physical Disabilities to Pursue Field Biology June 1 – August 11, 2013 | Baker University, Baldwin City, Kan. More info | Apply Now Want A Different Research Experience?

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Seek partner in tree project

A simple system to collect fruit from trees

Too simple to revolutionize fruit pickup? This recent invention is only a wooden press that forces trees to develop a narrow spot in the basis of the trunk. The tree grows during years 2 to 5 until it is ready for fruit collection. When loosening the press,

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