TREE Foundation is excited to host two college interns this summer. Kim Rogers and TJ Watkins are working remotely to support TREE in its mission promoting tree research, education and exploration and to spearhead new projects. Kim and TJ are sponsored by generous Williams College grants that have made it possible for them to pursue this nonprofit summer work. Read on to learn more about our interns!

TJ Watkins is a senior at Williams College double majoring in Geoscience and French. This is TJ’s second summer working with the TREE Foundation developing skills in Geographic Information Systems, brand development, and video editing. With an eye toward a career in sustainable development or environmental engineering, TJ looks forward to continuing to promote environmental conscientousness in the future using the tools he is learning. He hopes to soon be able to visit the recently UNESCO-designated tree canopy walkway in Malaysia!

Kim Rogers is a rising junior at Williams College pursuing a degree in biology with a concentration in environmental studies. She has spent the last two years focusing on field research and data collection near Williamstown, MA, and is excited to use the summer at TREE as an opportunity to focus on the conservation and nonprofit side of environmental issues. After she graduates Williams in 2024, she hopes to go into climate systems research and modeling in an effort to maximize our understanding of how climate change will impact each of us and how we can best respond.