TREE Foundation founder and executive director Meg Lowman has received the Explorers Medal for her formidable career as an arbornaut — a lifetime dedicated to exploring the treetops and protecting trees and forests around the globe.

In homage to her passion and love for creatures of the rainforest, Meg accepted her award wearing a stunning butterfly dress.

The Medal was awarded in April by The Explorers Club, headquartered in New York City with chapters worldwide and supports scientific expeditions in all disciplines. The Club previously awarded its Explorers Medal to exploring superstars such as Jane Goodall and James Cameron. Meg gratefully accepted this award of a lifetime during the Club’s annual dinner in New York City — the event is frequently referred to as the “Oscars of Exploration.”

During the after party, Meg compared medals with famed ocean protector Sylvia Earle.
Meg also met Wendy Schmidt who received a Presidents Citation from the Club for funding marine conservation.
Attendees wore either Black Tie or the traditional clothes of their culture. Dinner appetizers include: Costa Rican cave cockroaches, South American roasted ants, scorpions, and crickets.