Sergey G. Ermilov1, Neville N. Winchester, Margaret M. Lowman & Alemayehu Wassie
2012. Two new species of oribatid mites (Acari: Oribatida) from Ethiopia, including a key to species of Pilobatella. Systematic & Applied Acarology 17(3): 000–000.

Two new oribatid mite species, Austrocarabodes (Uluguroides) kluttzi Ermilov, Winchester, Lowman & Wassie sp. nov. (Carabodidae) and Pilobatella lowmanae Ermilov, Winchester & Wassie sp. nov. (Haplozetidae), are described from the Afro-montane forests, in the northern highlands of Ethiopia. An identification key to all known species of Pilobatella is given. An annotated checklist of identified oribatid mite taxa sampled in this study is presented. Fourteen species, six genera and three families are recorded for the first time from Ethiopia.

From the article:

The species Pilobatella lowmanae is named after Dr. Meg Lowman, who is instrumental in promoting the ongoing research mission to study the arthropod biodiversity associated with Ethiopian Church Forests and who has worked tirelessly on promoting these global “hotspots” as critical conservation areas. Her passion for science and international leadership have led to establishing partnerships with the Christian Orthodox clergy, implementing sustainability initiatives and involving local communities to adopt best practices to solve the environmental challenges faced by these forests.

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