Canopy Cranes in the Amazon Rainforest

Photograph by Tim Laman, Nat Geo Image Collection “We know more about the moon than we do the Amazon forest canopy,” said TREE Executive Director Meg Lowman in a recent National Geographic article. The piece, written by travel journalist Stephanie Vermillion, covers how “canopy cranes,” once reserved for

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Baobab Trees in Tanzania

Last year, TREE was able to support the conservation of baobab trees in Tanzania through a donor’s generosity, and now the locals are planting new trees as well as saving big ones! Chris Simwinga, Co-founder and Programs Coordinator of Serengeti Eco Protection and Development Alliance (SEPDA TANZANIA)

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TREE and Tree Planting

TREE Foundation logo

While TREE does not participate directly in reforestation or afforestation projects, there are many organizations which do. Please consider visiting One Tree Planted ( or the Arbor Day Foundation ( for more information on planting trees and reforestation. TREE Foundation’s mission is focused on tree conservation, especially

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Sculpture Meets Climate Activism in D.C.

Justin Brice, a sculpture and photography artist with a focus on the natural world, is turning heads. Last week, Brice, a Senior Fellow and Artist-in-Residence at Woodwell Climate Research Center who has climbed into the canopies of Taiwan and photographed in the church forests of Ethiopia with Dr. Lowman, installed his

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HÖRZU Wissen Interviews Meg

Dr. Meg Lowman’s book, The Arbornaut, has gone international! Recently, the German publication HÖRZU Wissen interviewed Dr. Lowman about her life and research. During the interview, Dr. Lowman discussed not only her personal history and beginnings in tree research, but also uses her endless passion to spread

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Can Outdoor Access Support Improved Mental Health?

Two cyclists riding on a path through the woods

While the positive effects of time outdoors couldn’t be clearer for those of us lucky enough to have experienced them, a recent article on the Children & Nature Network highlights a study that sought to codify this observation. The study compared psychiatric data on people born and

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