On October 16, 2021 Executive Director Meg Lowman sat down with Radio New Zealand, a prominent New Zealand public service radio broadcaster, to talk about her adventures in the treetops. Here is a small snippet:

“Later, when [Meg] wanted to get more people up into the air, she helped design a canopy walkway at an ecotourist lodge in Queensland.

“We had both these aerial walkways and the rope gadgets, all part of canopy science gear that was all developed in Australia and also pioneered in Tasmania and New Zealand. That was the real beginning of our exploration of the top of trees,” responded Meg.

[Meg is] most concerned about the future of the Amazon, often called the lungs of the planet.

“It’s the largest remaining tract of tropical forest. If we do lose that enormous tract of forest where there’s so much gas exchange and so much rainfall coming and going from the trees to the air and back again, I think we really will see our poor little planet struggle to survive,” said Meg.”

To listen to the full interview, click here!

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