On September 20, 2021 Sarasota Magazine published an article on TREE Foundation’s President Elizabeth Moore’s “The Moore Method” and how she decided to use her wealth to keep the planet healthy—starting with her 1,143-acre Triangle Ranch in Myakka, Florida. Here is a sneak peek into this great read:

‘The very same afternoon that billionaire Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos shot himself into space, Elizabeth Moore was down here on earth checking in on her 165 head of cattle at Triangle Ranch in Myakka.

It’s a race against time,” she says. “There’s a lot of joy out of saving land. Just knowing that the land is going to be saved in perpetuity for wildlife—and humans. We share this earth with so many other creatures, it’s critical to our own survival to ensure we save these places.”’

Here are some quotes commenting on TREE Foundation’s President Elizabeth Moore and her work:

“She’s not an armchair conservationist,” TREE Foundation’s Executive Director Meg Lowman says. “She doesn’t just send money to a government or organization; she wants to get her boots muddy and be involved with innovative and creative solutions.” Lowman also spoke of Moore’s capacity for listening. “She absorbs information from experts. I’m a scientist, and she would always listen and ask questions. In my experience, she’s a breath of fresh air.”

“I thought about billionaires Bezos, Richard Branson, and Elon Musk”, Issac Eger writes, “who are living out childhood fantasies of star trekking, believing that they are saving humanity by leaving us behind. Elizabeth Moore is staying down here with the rest of us”

“We need more Elizabeth Moores,” the former Sarasota County commissioner, now senior vice president for community investment at Gulf Coast Community Foundation Jon Thaxton says. “We are the last generation of human beings in Sarasota to have a conscious decision of whether we preserve a natural landscape or we destroy it. People like Elizabeth have demonstrated that it is possible to save these places and demonstrate commercial viability, food production alongside clean water and air and protecting endangered species habitat.”

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