Woji church forest now has walls. In 2013, the local people worked with their priests to make a conservation wall around this forest. TREE Foundation made a donation to the church to thank them for their stewardship.

Alemayehu provides this update:

The last three days I was out for extensive visit to Debresena and Woji. Both sites they have done excellent job.

Debresena: They have finished making all round walls. Of course still we need more height. But I am happy they finished it. We have discussed they will make a gate for it like Zhara.

Woji: They are advancing more than my expectation and as a result they have got back quite extensive amount of land. Even to the extent that illegal houses are demolished with concensus of the local people. Now they have made 80% of the total perimeter with 70 cm of height. Their idea is once they finished demarcating this year ,then next year they will increase the height. (Now all farmers are engaged in their crops-rain has started. I am so happy about this progress and the way they do it. The forest is already showing some improvement as big cattle are out.

I am so happy finally we are bringing some visible difference in Ethiopian church forests.
All happened because of TREE. Thank you.

Woji Church Forest Photos

Debresena Church Forest Photos

Amharic Translation:

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