Church Forest Preview from Greg Vander Veer on Vimeo.

Church Forest reveals a mystical world where priests and scientists struggle to come together, despite vastly different beliefs,  to save the last forests of Northern Ethiopia. Through stunning religious ceremonies, humorous moments with eccentric scientists, revealing macro-photography, and traditional Ethiopian music, Church Forest is a film about the multifaceted importance of the forest and the struggle of humans to reconcile their beliefs for a common cause. TREE Foundation’s Executive Director, Dr. Meg Lowman, was the catalyst of this conservation effort, and also the link for the film-makers to take on this effort. We all collectively hope that media, plus science and religion, will combine to achieve success in saving Ethiopia’s precious church forests.

The feature-length documentary film will be released in 2014 and the filmmakers are currently raising money to finish post-production. We believe this film will not only be instrumental in creating an international movement to save the church forests, but will also teach a powerful message of collaboration that is universally important. Please visit or email us at to donate or become involved to help bring the inspiring message of Church Forest to the world.