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Tree Climbing Planet offers a variety of courses and adventures focusing on technical tree climbing techniques to explore our planet’s rooftop. Our distinctive courses provide participants with in-depth, hands-on learning skills that deliver the confidence needed to go out and climb wild trees on your own or with a team.

TCP’s founder, Tim Kovar is a Master Tree Climbing Instructor with 20 years of teaching experience. He has had the opportunity to work with many passionate people throughout his career. He has worked extensively with canopy researchers stationed around the world, including ornithologists in Indonesia, primatologists in Uganda, entomologists in Ethiopia, and herpetologists in India, and students in Central America. Tim served as the guest tree climbing instructor for the International Canopy Conferences in India and Mexico.

In addition to a wide array of courses suited for a variety of training needs, TCP offers an exclusive Canopy Research Tree Week course for scientists and researchers.

Canopy Research Tree Week Course
Climbing for Science

After years of requests and customizing courses for canopy researchers, TCP has created a curriculum specifically designed for the canopy scientist. This course builds on the foundation of our standard courses while focusing on a minimalist climbing approach to fit your studies.

Included in the curriculum:

  • Basic Tree Climbing Course
    This course teaches the skills you need to climb a large tree on your own using Doubled Rope Technique (DRT). Information about selecting a good climbing tree and detecting potential hazards is presented in detail. You will learn how to tie climbing knots, repeating each knot many times to learn “muscle memory.” You’ll learn safety rules, communication tools and a recommend dialog so your climbing team is speaking the same language
  • Beyond the Basics
    This day will focus on using motion lanyards, pulleys and additional hardware, which makes tree climbing more effective. We will give advice on working with field assistants, climbing in remote locations, tropical tree climbing techniques, team climbing and hazards one may encounter while climbing in isolated areas.
  • Single Rope Technique (SRT)
    Advance techniques using specially designed equipment will make your ascent more energy efficient while gaining quicker access to your subject. SRT requires specialized gear which will be discussed in detail. There will be plenty of time to practice everything you learn.
  • Contrive Your Style
    This day you will scout out a wild tree (a tree which has never been climbed before) and perform a tree inspection, line placement, ascending, traversing and descending methods. A combination of both DRT and SRT will open complete access to the canopy. The instructor will be present only as a shadow to approve your methods and give advice. This day builds the confidence one needs to go out and climb a wild tree on their own or with a climbing team.

Tree Climbing Planet

TCP’s main school is located in Portland, Oregon. Classes may also be arranged at your institution. Contact TCP for further information: