TREE / Canopy Ecology Interns & Research Associates

Charissa Jones
Charissa Jones – NSF Funded Grant Out on a Limb, Science Outreach for Students

Bryson Voirin
Bryson Voirin

Jessica Wheeler
Jessica Wheeler – Science Outreach for Students, NSF Funded Grant Out on a Limb

Jose Guillermo Sanchez
Jose Guillermo Sanchez – Jose from Panama will be in residence in Sarasota, Florida and New College, training in entomological methods and also presenting talks on the natural history of Panama to K-12 science classes.

Ricardo Rengifo
Ricardo Rengifo – TREE Intern for Canopy Ecology, Ricardo Rengifo, visited the USA during April and May 2008. Ricardo worked with students at New College, continuing our project on herbivory and medicinal plants from the Iquitos region of the Amazon. Ricardo also gave educational lectures to schools around the country: Charlotte NC; Washington DC; Minneapolis MN; and Chicago IL. Photos and video from his trip are available here.

David Mitre
David Mitre – David from Panama, will be studying invasive species and subtropical botany with Dr. Lowman, as well as visiting different Florida university faculty during the spring term.

Marcos Vasquez
Marcos Oversuijs Vasquez – Marcos is a conservation biology student from Iquitos, Peru who will work with New College conservation biology – and Florida ecology during spring 2007.

Zachary Evers
Zachary Evers – Zachary is an Ecology Education Intern

DC RandleDC Randle
DC Randle is a teacher intern.
Erik Walimaa
Erik Walimaa –  Research associate currently undergoing the task of organizing the files and the forest canopy databases in the Center for Canopy Ecology/TREE Foundation headquarters at New College of Florida.

Dr. Soubadra Devy and Dr T. Ganesh
Dr. Soubadra Devy and Dr T. Ganesh Research associates from ATREE (Ashoka Trust for Research on Ecology and the Environment) in India. These distinguished ecologists gave lectures in Florida, worked on grants to fund the 5th international canopy conference they are hosting in India during October 2009, and worked with TREE Foundation projects.

Rachel Renne

Ravi Bannerjee

Pamela Montero Alverez – Pamela is from Iquitos, Peru.