Each year, more of the Amazon rainforest, the largest on Earth, is destroyed as a result of deforestation, fires, and climate change. Not only does this affect the trees themselves, but it also impacts the animals that call this area home, such as orangutans, sloths, toucans, and frogs. Here are some steps you can take to help protect these threatened animals.

1. Be aware of products you consume regularly. Many products are farmed or mined from rainforest areas, meaning that rainforest is lost to allow for their production. By avoiding these products – like palm oil, for example – you can help protect rainforest animals’ habitat.

2. Choose sustainable project options when possible. Many products are available in a more sustainable version. Do your research to find out whether your favorite products are contributing to loss of critical habitats, and then take steps to reduce your impacts.

3. Do your part to mitigate the impacts of climate change. Try biking to work when you can, especially as the summer months arrive and the weather is gentler. Experiment with meatless meals, or consider going vegetarian altogether. Write a letter to your local representative, asking them to support environmentally-friendly legislation. These steps, while small, will help prevent further increases in the temperature of rainforests, allowing them to continue growing and surviving and supporting healthy animal communities.

4. Lobby for the establishment of parks and conserved areas in the rainforest whenever possible. There are many organizations working toward this goal, including TREE Foundation. Whether you have time or money to give, consider giving what you can to protect the rainforest and its lush fauna.

5. Tell those around you about the importance of conserving our rainforests! While one person’s impact may be small, it only takes one person to start a movement. Use your voice to share with your loved ones and others in your community how to reduce our rainforest impact.