On July 12th, TREE Executive Director Meg Lowman was featured as a symposium speaker at the National Geographic Explorers Festival. The Explorers Festival is an effort by Nat Geo to bring together some of the most influential and futuristic scientists in the world to promote education, conservation, and collaboration.

At the festival, Meg told the story of how she became an arbornaut—from her childhood in Elmira, NY, to her early career days in Australia, where she rigged a slingshot to launch ropes and climbing systems into the canopy so that she could climb tall trees. She highlights the concentrated biodiversity in canopies and explains how canopy walkways can help expand access to the trees, thus inspiring TREE’s latest initiative, MISSION GREEN. Lastly, she touches on the critical nature of trees in protecting our environment in the face of the climate crisis.

Watch Meg’s presentation below, and learn more about MISSION GREEN at mission-green.org.

Video courtesy of the National Geographic Society.