Happy World Rainforest Day

On June 22, environmental champions and rainforest-lovers alike will celebrate World Rainforest Day! Founded in 2017 by Rainforest Partnership, World Rainforest Day is an annual celebration of rainforests as the world’s key tool in battling the climate crisis. 

Happy World Rainforest Day (Common Squirrel Monkey, Photo by Phil Kahler)Healthy rainforests absorb tons of carbon from the atmosphere each day and are responsible for mitigating a significant portion of human emissions. They also provide critical habitats for many endangered species, including the adorable Squirrel Monkey — a species not yet endangered but already threatened by rainforest loss in the Amazon.

Unfortunately, the world’s rainforests are threatened by climate change, clearing, and logging, each of which contribute to a decline in rainforest health and overall deforestation. World Rainforest Day is a community-led, educational approach to tackling these issues and protecting and restoring our rainforests!


World Rainforest Day 2022 Summit: 40+ Organizations, Events & Networking, June 22, All VirtualThe Rainforest Partnership will be hosting a virtual World Rainforest Day Summit on June 22 starting at 7am EST / 4 am PT and running until 10 pm EST / 7 pm PT. The summit is packed with eye-opening, educational presentations featuring over 40 different environmental organizations and speakers from a variety of cultures and backgrounds.

This year’s summit theme is The Time is Now, and presentations and events will focus on current solutions and approaches to tackling rainforest loss head-on. Registration for the summit is free and open to the public—sign up here!