On September 24. 2021 Executive Director Meg Lowman joined Host Greta Johnsen on a segment for the Nerdette Podcast on WBEZ Chicago where they discuss some of the topics from Lowman’s recent memoir The Arbornaut: A Life Discovering the Eighth Continent in the Trees Above Us.

Here are some details about the episode:

Did your parents ever tell you to knock off the TV binges and climb a tree? Same vibes this week: We take a screen break to chat with trailblazing canopy ecologist Meg Lowman about her memoir The Arbornaut. (You might remember when we had her on the show wayyyyy back!)

Here is a quick snippet of the episode:

Greta Johnsen: “What’s your advice to young people, little girls especially, who just can’t get enough of climbing trees?”

Meg Lowman: “I hope they are all climbing trees if they possibly can. I would advise girls on two things. One is to be bold and smart. I was always afraid to be the top student in the classroom, or get a 100 on a test because people then thought you were a ‘girl geek’ and that was not popular in my day. So I do think girls need to not be afraid to achieve and do the right thing. And secondly, I think girls need to support each other.”

Greta Johnsen: “Mhm!”

Meg Lowman: “I’ve watched guys go to the pub after work or play golf together to make the deal. And I think most of my female colleagues were rushing home to buy the groceries or help the kids with their homework. So I do think women need to help other women succeed. And the more that we can be a sisterhood, the better we can share our successes and our promotions, and our knowledge.”

Greta Johnsen: “I think that’s great advice for all of us, whether or not we’re kids really.”

To listen to the full episode, click here!

The Arbornaut is available to order now from Amazon.com,  Barnes & NobleBookshop.org, your local independent bookseller, or anywhere else books are sold.