NEW YORK, NY, USA, September 17, 2021 / — Margaret “Canopy Meg” Lowman, PhD, a global pioneer in forest canopy ecology, will host her first live AMA ‘Ask Me Anything’ on Reddit this Thursday, September 23, 2021 at 12:00 Noon Eastern Standard Time.

Participants can visit the r/IAmA subreddit or use this link to access her AMA and are encouraged to submit questions of their own during this 60-minute session. (Her Reddit username is u/CanopyMeg).

An educator, an advocate for women and minorities in science, and a co-founder of the TREE Foundation, Meg is widely referred to as the “Einstein of the treetops” (Wall Street Journal) and “a real-life Lorax” (National Geographic).

Three years in the making, and highlighting four decades of treetop adventures across the globe, Meg’s newly released book The Arbornaut: A life discovering the 8th continent in the trees above us provides both the rationale and roadmap for one of her signature projects, Mission Green.

Mission Green seeks to preserve 10 or more of our most endangered forest canopies across the globe as bio-diversity libraries and research centers through locally managed ecotourism. With several canopy walkways already built and funded in the US and overseas, her book is a call to action for us to come together and move as quickly as possible to fund the others to preserve and protect the tree treasures and biodiversity living there.

Meg’s book details her career of adventures and discovery across global forests and has received numerous positive reviews by luminaries like Jane Goodall: “[This book] captures the magic of a little-known world”; and E.O. Wilson of Harvard University: “Meg Lowman is starting a whole new movement exploring the treetops!” Learn more about the Mission Green initiative at

The Arbornaut is available to order now from,  Barnes &, your local independent bookseller, or anywhere else books are sold.