On September 6, 2021 The Press & Journal UK published an article about Executive Director Meg Lowman’s aspirations to build a walkway in Nairn, Scotland. Below is an excerpt from her interview:

‘After discussing her plans with locals, including teachers, Meg believes bringing a canopy walkway to a forest in the Nairn area could provide a major eco-tourism attraction for the community, and inspirational education for the region’s young people. She said: “To go into a canopy is such an adventure, that’s so full of fun and wonder, and it’s really important for building stewardship in kids for the future of forest conservation”.

“So if a community like Nairn can create this educational, recreational opportunity, kids could go to the top of trees in a safe, exciting fashion and it would be an incredible way to bring Scotland’s amazing trees into the spotlight.”

She continued: “When I did my MSC in Aberdeen almost 25 years ago, it seemed that nobody was looking at trees in such great detail in Scotland except for the odd forester here and there. “But now Scotland is on this incredible rebound, and everything is ramping up.

“Nairn like other Scottish communities needs eco-tourism, they need to think, what are the future industries for our children?”’

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