On September 6, 2021 Martha Smith wrote a heart-warming blog post reviewing CanopyMeg and her recent memoir The Arbornaut: A Life Discovering the Eighth Continent in the Trees Above U. Continue reading for a sneak peek:

“What do you call a scientist who discovers a whole new continent above the earth’s forests? Whole tree enthusiast? True, but rather unwieldy. Arbornaut! an excellent descriptor connoting expert navigation of treetops. Once you read this book, you may agree with me that the more informal “Canopy Meg” is the best name for the author, a trail-blazing thinker who has climbed trees all over the world, counted their denizens, computed their viability, and created aerial pathways for citizen scientists to help save our planet”.

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The Arbornaut is available to order now from Amazon.com,  Barnes & NobleBookshop.org, your local independent bookseller, or anywhere else books are sold.