treesThanks to The Atlantic magazine and science writer Rebecca Giggs for featuring our globe-trotting Executive Director Margaret (Meg) Lowman PhD in the July/August issue article entitled “A Better Way to Look at Trees.

Giggs describes Meg as a “pathfinder” in the field of forest conservation and describes her upcoming memoir The Arbornaut (Farrar Straus Giroux August 2021) as a book written “not just to instruct, but to reorient and inspire.”

The writing by Giggs is lush and gorgeous — making you feel as if you are in a forest of trees as you read the article. Here’s an excerpt — but please read the entire article!

“Since the turn of the millennium, a remarkable recasting of our attention—away from the gravitas of individual trees and toward the question of what trees do together, as a collective—has been under way. What passes between trees, the nuance of their exchanges, and the seemingly delicate mechanism of their connections—that mystery has inspired a rich new realm of research, and along with it, a subgenre of literature dedicated to spreading a revised conception of the powers and processes that allow arboreal plants to thrive.”

The Arbornaut is available for pre-sale/order now on all major bookselling sites, including Amazon.

The Arbornaut