The world’s forests, biodiversity and sustainable use of our natural resources represents a very inclusive platform. TREE is very proud to continue our twenty-year history of working for environmental justice both locally and globally, partnering with a diversity of cultures, races, ages, and economic backgrounds. Our mission is to bring the wonders and products of forests to all people, especially youth. Here are three of many dozens of examples:

1. For 25 years, DC Randle and Canopymeg have led student and family expeditions to the Amazon, in many cases funding underserved students to participate.
2. For the past 10 years, TREE has tirelessly worked with Ethiopian Orthodox priests to save the last 5% of native forests in northern Ethiopia.
3/4. To conserve Ethiopian church forests, we have written and distributed books for local students (in their native Amharic), and taken hundreds of kids into the field to discover their local species. We very much look forward to expanding our programs of inclusivity, both locally and globally. We stand behind current actions to raise the bar in America for all citizens to receive equal justice and opportunity.

Thank you from Meg Lowman, Director; and Elizabeth Moore, President