Tabitha Ewing with Wild Tree Adventures wrote this wonderful summary of Meg Lowman’s ASU Talk.


On April 28th I tuned in to hear CanopyMeg (or Meg Lowman as she is also known) talk about her research, her passions and her experience as a female scientist researching tropical canopies. The lecture series hosted by Arizona State University, like lots of other fantastic events and festivals, is being moved online which perhaps is a small silver lining for those of us who may not have otherwise had the chance to attend.

Meg spoke with an appropriate, green-screen backdrop of a dense jungle canopy and from start to finish, she was a joy to listen to! Touching very briefly on the devastation of the world’s forests, a refreshing acknowledgement without the normal depression inducing stats and harrowing accounts. She also joked about the likelihood that most of us were attending the lecture in our pyjamas, which in my case may have been true (in my defence it was 10pm BST).

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