Dr. Meg Lowman is one of twenty conservation experts featured in a new book by Lori Robinson and Janie Chodosh. Just in time for Earth Day, Wild Lives: Leading Conservationists on the Animals and the Planet They Love is now available on Amazon and in bookstores nationwide.

Today we are faced with the alarming possibility that as many as 50 percent of species alive will become extinct within this century. This statistic is so staggering that scientists have begun to refer to the twenty-first century as the “sixth extinction.” But while this is alarming, all hope is not lost; conservation experts across the globe are working tirelessly to preserve our planet for future generations.

In Wild Lives, twenty of these pioneers share their stories via exclusive interviews. Coming from different countries, diverse cultures, and a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds and specializing in different species, all of these conservationists have an important characteristic in common: they have committed their lives to saving our planet and the majestic species that call it home.

These esteemed contributors include:

  • Meg Lowman, pioneer of tree canopy ecology science and author
  • Beverly and Dereck Joubert, National Geographic filmmakers and big cat experts
  • Ric O’Barry, dolphin advocate and trainer of Flipper
  • George Schaller, famed field biologist and author
  • Yossi Leshem, Israeli ornithologist
  • Dominique Bikaba, gorilla activist
  • Paul Hilton, award-winning wildlife photographer

Passionate and inspiring, Wild Lives is an important and timely reminder of the beauty and fragility of our world and the obligation that every person has towards preserving it.

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