From The Hindu:

The best way to learn about a country and its culture is to live in the community and follow their daily life, and even better, photograph them to take stories back to friends at home. Students from American high schools have had several such experiences in India, living in States as diverse as Assam to Karnataka, through CLIC Abroad or ‘Children Learning International Cultures’, an organisation founded by travel writer and photographer Bhaskar Krishnamurthy from Karnataka.

Bhaskar has lived through many photography experiences, including, he says, an ULFA militant kidnapping in 1999 before he moved to the U.S.A.! “Photography is often seen as an elitist thing. I didn’t want it to stay that way,” says Bhaskar, explaining how he involved the local communities of Augusta, Georgia, where he lives, in photography festivals. Based on the success of those projects, the engineer felt it was a great idea to do something like this in India. So in 2009, he, along with friends set up CLIC Abroad, with the idea that children from America and people from India mingle at photography workshops held within communities here and together build and narrate stories. Most visits last about 12 days.

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