Dr. Bernard Nkongmeneck speaks about the evolution of the Millennium Ecologic Museum, located in Cameroon, which is in its first construction stage. In order to make this project a success, he is gladly accepting donations.

The Millennium Ecological Museum is a training and research Centre for the conservation of biodiversity of Cameroon and Congo Basin. It was created on July 2007 by a group of researchers managed by Professor Bernard Nkongmeneck.

The museum started in a building apartment and is still working there. Two years ago, the team bought a 1ha 05 area of land where 1ha is covered by tropical rainforest. We started building the museum and everybody can notice by the pictures below that the house is growing.

Everybody knows the danger biodiversity is facing everywhere in the world; can you join us in this exciting conservation dream?

For any information, please contact Professor Bernard Nkongmeneck. Email: bnkongme@yahoo.fr or ecologicmuseum@yahoo.fr.  Website: www.ecologicalmuseum.netsons.org