Excerpt from “The Excrement Experiment“:

The inspiration for OpenBiome was a friend of Smith’s, an otherwise healthy man in his twenties who, in 2011, acquired C. difficile following gallbladder surgery. “He ended up on seven rounds of vancomycin over a year and half,” Smith told me. “He was very sick.” The man found a doctor who was open to the idea of performing a fecal transplant and waited six months while the doctor researched the procedure. Finally, unable to wait any longer, he gave himself a transplant using his roommate’s stool. “It worked for him,” Smith, who was then completing his Ph.D., said. “But the whole thing seemed very bizarre to me: why is it so hard to get a treatment that is very effective?”

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Come join us to learn about “The Excrement Experiment” from OpenBiome’s founders

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WHAT: TREE Foundation’s Annual Fedder Environmental Lecture
TALK TITLE: A different kind of bank: the world of stool banking, poop transplants and the human microbiome
SPEAKERS: James Burgess and Mark Smith, PhD
DATE: Thursday, December 4, 2014
TIME: 5 – 6 PM
PLACE: Selby Auditorium, USF Campus on Tamiami Trail
ADDRESS: 8350 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34243 (map)
Open to all students, public and families interested in keeping healthy!
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