“Citizen Science for Tree Climbers” a scientific symposium at the Tree Climbers Rendezvous in Atlanta, GA (October 9-14, 2013)

If you love trees, there’s something here for you! Recreational and professional tree climbers, arborists, foresters, canopy researchers, students:

  • Come climb with us in big, tall trees.
  • Learn to be a “citizen tree scientist”.
  • Non-climbers welcome.

A joint project of Tree Climbers International, Inc. (TCI) and the Native Tree Society (NTS)

Featured Speakers

  • Will Blozan, ISA-C; President, NTS
  • Kim Coder, PhD, ISA Past-President
  • John Gathright, Founder, Tree Climbing Japan
  • Peter Jenkins, Founder, TCI
  • Bob Leverett, Executive Director, NTS
  • Meg Lowman, “Mother” of canopy research
  • Joan Maloof, Founder, Old Growth Forest Network
  • Richard Preston, author, The Wild Trees
  • Cameron Williams, NTS, UCalif-Berkeley
Workshop Leaders
Some of the featured speakers and

  • Kevin Bingham, ISA-C
  • Eric Folmer, ISA-C
  • Tim Kovar, Founder, Tree Climbing Planet
  • William Miller, PhD, Baker Univ., Kansas City
  • Michael Spraggon, NTS, U.K.
  • Tony Tresselt, ISA-C
  • David Tukey, ISA

For more information and to register

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