TREE is happy to announce the successful purchase and conservation of this forest tract adjacent to Lake Tamba in the Congo, by our sister group Go Conscious Earth!

Godi Godar writes to tell us about these wonderful photos:

First photo: in nkoso village, met the chef and tribe people, this particular picture reflect me how being in the tribe again I call it.”The tribe gathering” we all Africans we all One. Regardless where you came from.

Second photo: In Ngelo Monzoy village wen we arrived in Ngelo,asked the the tribe people take us to see some big trees,some of us went Zachary and Clarance and I,by the time we got there and see the trees we were blown away !!!! wow!!!!!! Bokungu tree the root bass counted 25 feet across estimate about 200ft tall. I named it myself.
“Mama Africa strong” see,some of us have no idea how these trees does to our planet hearth or effecting future generation to come…we can’t continue to watch logging companies cutting and shipping mama trees to Europe,USA,Canada,Asia or elsewhere. Think by raising awareness teaching people what going on it is important.I asked all the villages around lake Tumba region about logging companies?they stealing from Them,also they told some their helpers no been paid over year and they don’t want them because of The logging companies will promised them will build schools,clinics and clean water etc… But they do nothing to us.The message is they got Nothing after trees Been cut and shipped zero.

Third photo: paradise,beautiful sunset of Lake Tumba.