Below are comments received in response to Worku Mulat’s blog post “From a remote village to Bill Gates neighborhood“:

Yohannes writes:

First and foremost I admire your keen interest for contributing to such noble idea of preserving the ecosystem in and around our churches. These churches are our ancient cultural heritages and center of our civilization. It is unfortunate however, for these fine cultural treasures, our successive governments are failed to provide its due significance, awareness and protection. As an individual, I am more than happy to fully support what Tree Foundation and Exploration stands for. I also pledge to contribute to the work of such gracious organization and promise to spread the word to the people I know in Diaspora community so they could add their fair share for such grand scheme. What we were looking for was such visionary communes that could organize and help our community by preserving nature and our culture. As for the article that you contributed to Tree Foundation blog by the title “From a remote village to Bill Gates neighborhood” was superb. It is so moving and inspirational story for any Ethiopian. From that small tiny village, where sending kids to school was seen as extravagance for many people, it seems that you just thrived like a few beautiful flowers in the middle of a huge expanse of barren land. Your parents especially your father’s farsightedness was the pillar of all your successes. There are many visionary and brave men born among ordinary people but there are few who could achieve most in their life span and your father is one of those few successful visionary people who could up bring the best set of minds who started their journey from Kersole village Ethiopia and reaches Dallas, Belleview and Redmond.

Those best minds were struggling against all odds to reach the peak of academia achievements to PHD level. It is so incredible exemplary and encouraging success story for many millions of Ethiopian youth generations of the present and future. I say it is motivating, huge milestone and exemplary achievement because such a success story is one in five million even more in the case of Ethiopia. I am proud of you guys.