Ciegler, J. C. 2010. Weevils of South Carolina (Coleoptera: Nemonychidae, Attelabidae, Brentidae, Ithyceridae, and Curculionidae). Biota of South Carolina. Vol. 6. Clemson University, Clemson, S. C. 276 pp.

This book contains keys, descriptions, drawings, and photographs of 522 species of weevils found or likely to occur in South Carolina, USA (exclusive of Scolytinae and Apioninae). Appendices include host plants, new state records, aquatic and semiaquatic forms. The book may be purchased for $40.00 (shipping & handling included) from: Public Service Room, 96 Poole Agricultural Center, Clemson University, Clemson, SC 29634-0129, or online from