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(February 4, 2010) Forest Hayes and Michael Dexter, both third year students at New College of Florida, won praise from the Friends of Myakka River Board members for creating the “Common Birds of Myakka River State Park” brochure. The brochure was originally created for New College Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies Meg Lowman’s tutorial course in Ornithology.

Hayes and Dexter receive recognition.Hayes and Dexter spent a number of days in Myakka River State Park visiting various birding locations. After careful study, they selected 25 birds commonly found in the Park. All 25 birds featured in the brochure were photographed by Hayes and his father John. The text was provided by both Dexter and Hayes. The TREE Foundation was responsible for the printing and student internship award that made the brochure possible.

“We commend Messers Hayes and Dexter for their creativity, their excellent choice of birds regularly seen in the Park and for the professional look of their brochure,” said Owen Comora, president, Friends of Myakka River. ”On any given day visitors to Myakka may expect to observe all or most of the birds featured in their beautiful brochure. I’m sure their achievement has made Dr. Lowman, New College and the TREE Foundation proud,” Comora said.

Hayes is majoring in Biology and Environmental Science at New College and plans to seek a career related to research or academics. Dexter has a double major in Environmental Studies and Political Science. He hopes to pursue a career related to the environment, possibly with a public sector agency.

The brochures will be made available to new and returning members of Friends of Myakka River and to contributors to various Friends projects. Friends of Myakka River is a non-profit group established to protect, preserve and support Myakka River State Park and the “Florida Wild & Scenic” Myakka River. The Friends raise funds and provide volunteer services to improve visitors enjoyment of the park and river.

For more information on the project contact Owen Comora, president, Friends of Myakka River, at or call (941) 378-5166.