Edward Morrell is looking for opportunities to use his skills as an arborist and tree climber for the purpose of scientific research. If you can help, please contact him. He writes:

As an arborist I have developed an affinity with the environment. Due to current environmental concern I would like to transfer my skills in order to aid scientific research. Through my industry I have developed an in depth knowledge of aerial access and rigging techniques to enter the canopy of trees. The demands of arboriculture have enabled me to adeptly maneuver to all areas of a trees canopy. A future in academia and the opportunity to learn is an appealing and motivating prospect. If you require someone with my training and would like more information my contact details are:

Name : Edward Morrell
Address : 21 Sandy Close
GU31 4HF
E-mail : edewok@yahoo.co.uk
Tel : 0044 1730264957