Venturing into the High Frontier: Part 2

Last week’s adventures into the Big Boys with Eric Tartter and Morgan Thompson inspired a Sunday tradition of climbing into the canopy of Smith Woods.

This small parcel of Old-growth forest near Trumansburg, NY has numerous giant trees (Tulip Poplar, Eastern Hemlock, Sugar Maple, and American Beech). The Beeches are still healthy, and the emergent tulip trees are over 130′ tall, and the old forest is quite interesting.
Today, Brendan Kelly and I climbed high into a Tulip Maple, only to be greeted by a Raccoon 100′ off the ground! I think we scared him, and he looked sleepy. He wanted to transfer our of the tree we were into to a neighboring tree, but I think he was a little intimated by the 70+ foot drop.
The climb up the Tulip (which we named Gigantor) was spectacular, with wide views of Cayuga Lake. After a few pitches, we reached the top ~ 115′ above the ground. With two full length ropes we could make it to the ground (just barely).
I wish there were still forests like this all over the place; it’s such a special place.