Conserving our planet's botanical resources and ecosystems

Want To Learn More About Red Tide And Marine Pollution Research?

TREE Foundation and New College Environmental Studies Program are sponsoring two community lectures:

Co-sponsored by Dynamite Plant Food

1. September 21st at 5 PM
Chae Auditorium, Natural Sciences Building, New College Campus
A case study on coastal pollution in California
“All the Waters (and Everything in it) Run into the Sea”
Lecture Given by Dr. Adina Payton, Stanford University

2. October 12th at 5:00PM
Sudakoff Center, New College Campus
A case study on harmful algal bloom (HAB) outbreaks in North Carolina
“Emerging Linkages Between Nutrient Pollution and Harmful Algal Blooms”
Given by Dr. Joann Burkholder, North Carolina State U.