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Meg Lowman Brings Global Expertise to Environmental Nonprofit Based in India


TREE Foundation Executive Director Meg Lowman has been elected to the board of trustees for ATREE-USA, the Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment, an international nonprofit based in Bangalore, India. ATREE is dedicated to interdisciplinary solutions to social and environmental problems. Dr. Lowman, a world-renowned forest canopy scientist and tree advocate, brings 50 years of global forest conservation experience to ATREE-USA, supporting its mission of developing socially mindful approaches to ecosystem and natural resource conservation.

In 2020, Dr. Lowman launched TREE’s MISSION GREEN initiative – an ambitious endeavor to build 10 canopy walkways in 10 Hot Spots in forest canopies around the world. Hot Spots are notably high in biodiversity and a conservation priority for canopy scientists. Using the highly successful Myakka River State Park canopy walkway, which TREE co-founded, as a model, MISSION GREEN is currently working on fundraising and design plans for a walkway in the forests of Madagascar. A walkway in Western Ghats, India, is also under consideration. Dr. Lowman’s relationship with ATREE will help ensure that community considerations are emphasized in any development at that site.

Dr. Lowman is a champion of canopy science and discovery. As executive director of TREE Foundation, she shares her passion for trees with the world, advocating for public recognition of the tree canopy as the world’s eighth continent. Through her vision of MISSION GREEN, Dr. Lowman is acting as a climate crisis warrior, protecting one of the most valuable tools in mitigating climate change: trees.