The TREE Foundation held a fabulously fun fundraiser on Monday, February 7, 2022 at Michael’s on East in Sarasota.  We hope you were there to enjoy the great time … but if you weren’t, be sure to sign up for next time!

Guests learned about saving trees, forests and endangered species such as lemurs. Primatologist Dr. Patricia Wright, Distinguished Professor of Anthropology, Ecology, and Evolution departments at  Stony Brook University, and a member of the Scientific Advisory Council of the Lemur Conservation  Foundation, was the guest speaker.

The opposite of a stuffy fundraiser, the TREE party featured New York City performance artist Hila the Killa performing her rapper-ode to being an “Arbornaut” — aka someone who climbs trees as does TREE Foundation Executive Director Meg Lowman.

Attendees enjoyed photo ops with “Arbornauts,” had a chance to suit up in tree-climbing gear, met Dr. Meg Lowman, aka CanopyMeg, as well as author Heather Lang, author of children’s book, “The Leaf Detective.”

Funds raised benefit TREE Foundation’s mission to research, educate, explore and help conserve the trees and forests of planet Earth.  Programs and initiatives include MISSION GREEN, the church forests of Ethiopia, environmental education programs at the Myakka walkway, as well as virtual classroom presentations to young children across the U.s., and the globe.