Salon Magazine (@Salon_Magazine) | TwitterOn September 24, 2021 Executive Director Meg Lowman’s recent memoir The Arbornaut: A Life Discovering the Eighth Continent in the Trees Above Us was reviewed by Salon Magazine, an award-winning news and culture magazine that features breaking news, in-depth reporting, and criticism on politics, science, food and entertainment. Here is a small snippet:

‘As Lowman writes: “My female peers and I may have been trailblazers in field biology, but we bruised ourselves on a glass ceiling every time we reached beyond what was expected, so much so that I came to anticipate — and even worse, tolerate — the bruises.” This section, while brief, highlights the problems for women in science, and shows that, in the absence of female mentors, women at the top of the science ladder have little support to keep them there.

[…] Lowman has had a fascinating journey. While she may have been a lone arbornaut when she started climbing into the forest canopy, she is now one of hundreds worldwide. “As an arbornaut,” she writes, “I shout ceaselessly about the importance of trees and how they keep the planet healthy as well as all of humankind.”’

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This article was also featured on Undark Magazine, a non-profit, editorially independent digital magazine exploring the intersection of science and society.

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