Myakka Canopy Walkway

TREE Foundation has helped attract thousands of visitors to southwest Florida with two outdoor educational destinations: the nationally-acclaimed canopy walkway in Myakka River State Park of southwest Florida, and the TREE Treehouse at Spanish Point historical site in Osprey, Florida. Visitors to Florida can explore the treetops in Myakka, and then enjoy a lovely waterfront picnic at Spanish Point in our thatched chickee hut on stilts along the gorgeous edge of Sarasota Bay! With the Myakka walkway as a flagship achievement, TREE has launched a YouTube video series of the “Canopy Walkways of the World” with Myakka as our first video.

The Myakka Canopy Walkway provides easy access to observe life in the treetops of an oak/palm hammock. As an outdoor laboratory for research and education, it is a place for discovery and opportunity for visitors to Myakka to see its canopy inhabitants up close.

The walkway is suspended 25 feet above the ground and extends 85 feet through the hammock canopy. A tower soars 74 feet in the air to present a spectacular view of treetops, wetlands, and the prairie/hammock interface. Visitors can look down on eagles, hawks, vultures, and other birds in flight.

Check out our Myakka Walkway page and this incredible video tour of Myakka Canopy Walkway by Untamed Science:

TREE Foundation relies on the support of our donors to maintain and offer educational programs at the Myakka CanopyWalkway. You can help! We are participating in the 2018 Giving Challenge on May 1st & 2nd; during this 24-hour giving event, donations up to $100 will be matched 100%!

All donations received by TREE Foundation during The Giving Challenge will be used for local projects like canopy education activities at the Myakka Canopy Walkway and tree books for children.

All donations can be made online during the 24-hr period by going here:

2018 Giving Challenge