A group convened by one of the world’s leading scientific institutions has issued a call for greater protection of primary forests and more inclusive approaches to conservation.

Last month the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco brought together 167 scientists, educators, civil society leaders, artists, and interested members of the public at the Forest Solutions Summit to discuss approaches for bolstering protection and wiser management of global forests. The one-day event featured dozens of speakers from around the world, ranging from an Ethiopian conservationist to a high school teacher from Minnesota.

Some of the speaker highlights from the event included:

Meg Lowman, Director of Sustainability at the California Academy of Sciences, and Worku Mulat, an Ethiopian researcher with the TREE Foundation, talked about approaches to conserving forests in Ethiopia. Lowman told the remarkable story of how churches in Ethiopia are helping maintain and expand forests, while Mulat described the importance of involving girls in conservation efforts.

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