Sara loves to climb trees
Like many children her age, Sara enjoys playing outside, climbing trees and observing a variety of animals in nature. However, Sara has a special affection for insects. Together with her parents, she has learned about many of the insects she has observed. When she learned that insects depend on a healthy habitat in which to live and that for many insects that habitat is the forest, she decided that she wanted to help protect the local forests. She had an idea of how to help with her 6th birthday approaching.

Sara’s 6th birthday party was at her favorite place to be out in nature, Rye Preserve. The party included a wildlife bingo game, tree climbing, catching fish and, of course, finding insects. Sara wasn’t hoping for a lot of toys or gifts at her party. She had requested families consider giving a donation instead.¬†From the collected donations Sara decided to give a portion to TREE Foundation to help in their efforts to conserve the forests.

Thank you to Sara and her friends for their generous contribution.
Sara's Birthday Party