E.O. Wilson’s Global Town Hall
A discussion with one of the greatest scientists of our time

WHO: Edward O. Wilson: world-renowned Harvard biologist, mentor of generations of scientists, champion of environmental conservation, and
YOU: students, educators, scientists, conservationists, photographers, storytellers, and engaged inhabitants of planet earth.

WHAT: Join E.O. Wilson as he empowers a new generation of scientists to embark on journeys at the cutting edge of science. Against a backdrop of images from the Gorongosa Restoration Project in Mozambique and coinciding with the launch of the museum’s permanent exhibit of the digital high school biology textbook, E.O. Wilson’s Life on Earth, E.O. Wilson will discuss how studying and exploring biodiversity is now cutting-edge science, offering hands-on physical adventure, and the promise of contributing to important advances in medicine and the environment.

WHY: E.O. Wilson is among the leading voices bringing attention to the loss of our Earth’s biodiversity. He will draw from a lifetime of research, exploration, advocacy, and writing to inspire and engage high school students regarding the importance of biodiversity and environmental conservation. In conversation with the audience, and responding to questions, Dr. Wilson will offer advice to those who are engaged in and will inherit the urgent mission to protect, maintain, and restore the biodiversity of our planet.

Before December 13th

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On December 13th

Live event: 1pm EST, 10am PST
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, North Carolina Museum of
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